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SOHO RESIDENT NEWS: The perfect swing: Scottsdale physical therapist helps golfers

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Published in the Scottdale Independent

Tuesday, February 2, 2021 10:35 am

Scottsdale-based BioFit Golf Performance Academy is combing physical therapy and assessment to help golfers achieve their perfect swing.

Guided by licensed physical therapist Andy Clary and his clinic’s team, BioFit Golf’s solutions to improving a golf swing includes resolving underlying areas of weakness in a person’s physical makeup and the mechanics of the body’s movement, according to a press release.

BioFit Golf identifies weaknesses, which limit a body’s effective ability to generate the appropriate club head speed and spinal control to perform efficiently in a golf performance situation.

The physical therapy team identifies physical and mechanical flaws in a golf swing by using a 3D analysis of motion with a “K Motion” system. This system provides a global and specific assessment of a person’s golf swing, thus identifying real issues that hamper golf performance instead of guessing and speculating about those issues, the press release stated.

“There is a wide difference between a person’s perceptions on their individual golf swing and their actual performance,” said Mr. Clary.

All of BioFit Golf’s assessments provide a comprehensive approach to improving performance during a person’s golf game.

A biomechanical assessment and specific measurement of proper movement during a golf swing is new to pleasure golfers. Combining assessment with a planned approach of physical therapy is even newer to the golf community, the press release stated.

In order to be physically fit and make an efficient golf swing on the course, proper physical movement patterns need to be possible. Many limitations that restrict success on the golf course can be linked back to improper movement or limited Range of Motion or lack of flexibility.

There could be underlying biomechanical restrictions, which do not allow the joints to move efficiently during setup, swing and impact of the ball. A biomechanical assessment will identify and establish a carefully designed plan of care to improve and eliminate these restrictions to improve overall functional movements and to improve motion to achieve a confident and repeatable golf swing.

BioFit Golf Performance Academy is within FROGS Physical Therapy at SOHO Scottsdale, 16580 N. 92nd St., suite 102.

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