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Updated: Feb 22, 2021

10 years of Commercial Executive Magazine and our annual “Women in Power” issue- or should we say women empowered.

Naturally, because of the male-dominated nature of the commercial real estate industry, we feature more men on covers. This has nothing to do with the top executive’s sex but rather their success. Fortunately more women than ever are making their mark in the business, generating inspiration with their stories of facing adversity and embracing change for everyone.

In the same way we highlight the current minority of up-and-comers or rising stars, we have dedicated this issue to another underdog…


From what began as a part-time job in order to pay for law school, eventually turned in to her own land development and acquisition company: Catclar Investments. The name was derived from her maiden name Catsibris, which was shorten to “Cat”, plus her married name, Clary, to “Clar.” The company’s offerings include urban luxury developments and enviable commercial developments in the East Valley, Phoenix, Metro and Tempe. Its radiant projects in Arizona include SOHO Scottsdale, Rosedale Residences, and 421 W. 6th Street, located in heart of Tempe.

Irene is an impressive & accomplished businesswoman whose real estate development project have improved not only our Scottsdale community but also other Valley cities. On a personal level, she rises to the top of the list of people I admire for her caring & positive demeanor as well as her overall expertise in her field. -Suzanne Klapp, Scottsdale Vice Mayor

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