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Published By: AZ Central, February 26th 2016

Author: Gremlyn Waddell

Incorporating classic design elements like mansard roofs and windows with muntin bars, the 27 luxury tri-level townhomes at The Rosedale Residences will surely prove irresistible to many a homebuyer, and the walking-distance proximity to Biltmore Fashion Park is sure to be a lure as well.

You have everything at your disposal, the restaurants, the shops, the business district on 24th Street and Camelback,

said Irene Clary, CEO of Catclar Investments, which is developing the gated property at 4438 N. 27th Street in Phoenix “It’s just a really nice, fun part of town that’s in transition, which is wonderful.”

And as if that weren’t enough, Clary has seen to it that the part of Phoenix is even that much more enticing by securing her own district name with the city of Phoenix. Nestled between the Biltmore and Arcadia areas, this stretch of neighborhood from 26th to 28th streets and from Campbell to Turney avenues, will be known as the Rosedale District.

“I didn’t know whether we could make it happen, but we asked, and it is going to be like a little enclave in itself,” Clary said of the district, in which her new two-bedroom-plus-den development is located.

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